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Seven Way Gas Distributor / Manifold
Seven Way Gas Distributor / Manifold

Gas Distributor - 7 Way (3/8" Barb | Manifold)

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Commercial grade seven way manifold that is made out of corrosive resistant anodized aluminum.

The inlet and outlets on this manifold are 3/8" OD barbs which makes a secure fit on 3/8" ID and 5/16" ID lines. Each outlet valve has a built in check valve to protect from harmful back flow damaging your equipment. Male plug can be removed to customize and expand your configuration. This solid CO2 distribution manifold will serve seven products from just one tank. Housing comes with a sturdy built in flange with drilled holes so you can mount the unit. Mount the manifold to the wall, and be confident that this commercial quality piece of equipment will deliver the CO2 you need to properly dispense and enjoy your draft beer.
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