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Advanced Beer Filtering Kit
Advanced Beer Filtering Kit
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Filtering isn't just for commercial breweries anymore! Now you can benefit from this time saving process at home. Filtering your beer does much more than just give you a clearer, brighter beer. The filtering process can eliminate weeks of secondary aging, giving you better tasting beer much quicker than before. During secondary aging the primary effect is that more yeast settles out of suspension, carrying with it, proteins, polyphenols, and other flavour compounds that contribute to the "green" flavour of un-aged beers. Filtering will eliminate most of this yeast and those flavour compounds in a matter of minutes instead of weeks. Connect inline between the outlets of two kegs and use Co2 to push beer through the filter before carbonation, and enjoy crystal clear, cleaner tasting beer.

The Reinforced Washable 1 Micron Filter Cartridge features a PE reinforced plastic shell that protects against ruptures and damage. This particular filter is washable allowing you to reuse it, saving you the money and hassle of constantly having to replace your filter.
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Advanced Beer Filtering Kit

The filtering kit comes with two valves with 1/2" male NPT 1/4" barbs, and are intended to be used with tubing with an ID of 1/4". Included is a 10" 1 micron reinforced washable filter that is suitable for most applications. In addition this kit comes with mounting hardware. The filtering kit's total height is 11 1/2" and all filters sold on the site will fit. Tubing and disconnects sold separately.

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4 of 5 Not Great, Not Terrible April 24, 2020
Reviewer: Eric from Ottawa  
This definitely is the better of the filtering set ups that are available from OBK, and for the most part it works pretty well. Don't force it too hard and it does a bang up job of getting either beer or cider pretty clear. I will say that the valves are absolute trash, but you can replace them with a better stainless steel version which makes this a whole lot better. "Advanced"? No. "Adequate"? Yes.

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2 of 5 I expected better February 16, 2020
Reviewer: louis from Canada  
When I bought the kit, I looked at the comments and I thought it was a great idea a washable filter for me and for the environment ...

When I use it for the first time, the system leaks through the purge system. Unable to adjust, between 1 and 2 psi even with the leak.

Washing the filter is a calvère, first use and I will have to throw the filter away, because I am not able to clean it completely, there are yeast stains and hops in it.

I advise you to buy another type of filtration, because this one is not worth the price invested.

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2 of 5 Wish it were better. April 22, 2019
Reviewer: Calvin Taylor from Fredericton, NB Canada  
first, the large o-ring gasket doesn't make a good seal, it slips into the threading for the filter housing and beer escapes.  I think a line of hot glue to fill the threading would fix this.  

second the ball valves are the cheapest possible product.  There is a chunk missing from the threading of the valve, I was just able to make a good seal using the teflon tape.  There is the tinyest of a hex that can be turned with a wrench, but good luck doing this repeatably, as it seats in almost below flush of the filter housing.  It is hard to tighten because of this, wrenches slip and curses are uttered.    The valve handles are about a full inch long and secured with a nut that instantly undoes itself.

The filter removed all the yeast from the filtered beer, which is what I needed as my wife has a yeast allergy.

I think I can fix it and live with it, but it’s hardly an advanced kit.

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5 of 5 Some Instructions March 25, 2018
Reviewer: Blaine  
Great product. Here's what you need to know:

- Don't try to filter carbonated beer
- The clear o-ring sits 3/4 of the way up the clear housing, NOT over the blue threaded part.
- If pressure transferring, the lower the cO2 pressure the more it will remove (1-5psi MAX).
- The Teflon tape goes on the brass fittings when attaching them to the filter body. NOT on the blue plastic threads.
- Test it with sanitizer moving from keg to keg if you're unsure.
- to purge with CO2 before a transfer, attach to a keg with some sanitizer in it and a bit of CO2 pressure. Tilt the keg so the bottom of the dip tube is out of the sanitizer and blasts CO2 out of the keg through the filter (remember: 1-5psi only)
- To clean, rinse with water and soak overnight in a solution of water and oxyclean (good grade and unscented). Air dry.

Enjoy your brite beer!

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3 of 5 Decent unit that needs some work June 21, 2017
Reviewer: Bryan Launier from Edmonton  
Overall this product worked well but had some issues. The casing itself is of great quality, but the NPT adapters screw into plastic housing that feels like I might damage it if I screw to hard. Unfortunately what it really needs to work well is a gasket to a rubber seal as when I am filtering it does tend to dribble out the top of

Also the washable filter is fantastic quality but I would love some instructions on how to clean it when it's full hop sludge or yeast funk
as it seems to stick to it really hard.

Overall I am happy with the unit I just need to do some modifications to get it to be perfect.

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