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Anvil Brewing Equipment Stainless Steel False Bottom - 7.5 Gallon
Anvil Brewing Equipment 7.5 Gallon False Bottom
Lautering is a process of separating the wort from the grain bills. It consists of three steps which include mashout, recirculation, and sparging. Home brewers often do this procedure in a lauter tun while some use a combination of mash-lauter tun by installing the false bottom. The false bottom ensures that the residual grains get separated from the clear wort which will be used for fermentation. Home brewers can then recirculate the wort back to the mash or lauter tun to collect any sugar that adhered on the grains. This is necessary so that the wort can achieve a specific gravity of 1.008.

Buying a separate lauter and mash tun is very costly especially if you are a novice brewer. What you can do is to turn your brew kettle into a mash-lauter tun so that you not only save money, but also space in your brewing station.

The Anvil Brewing Equipment 7.5 Gallon False bottom is designed to be compatible with a 7.5-gallon capacity Anvil brew pot or kettle. It can be used to turn the ordinary pot into a mash-lauter tun. The false bottom is made from a heavy-duty 18 gauge 304 stainless steel construction thereby making it durable.

It also features a handle so that it can be inserted and removed for easy cleanup. When cleaning the false bottom, rinse it vigorously to remove the stubborn grain bill. To completely turn your brew kettle into a functional mash-lauter tun, make sure that you install a spigot at the base of the pot to collect the clear wort.

False Bottom Compatibility Chart

Price: $89.99

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Anvil Brewing Equipment 7.5 Gallon False Bottom

  • Ideal for converting an Anvil brew pot to a mash tun
  • Compatible with the 7.5-gallon Anvil brew kettle
  • Made from 18 gauge 304 stainless steel
  • Comes with a handle for convenient insertion and removal
  • Can be easily cleaned to remove stubborn grain bills
  • 12 3/8-inches

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