2013 OntarioBeerKegs Homebrew Competition Results
2013 OntarioBeerKegs Homebrew Competition Results

First off we would like to thank the homebrewing community for a very successful homebrew competition. The amount and quality of entries exceeded all expectations. A big thank you to Broadhead Brewing also for putting up such a great grand prize of brewing the winning batch. The competition judging was held at two locations. Both spots spent an exhaustive amount of hours tasting these great beers. Narrowing down the final round was a difficult task, as the relaxed guidelines really opened up the competition to some very unique and experimental brews. A very sincere thank you to all the judges for their effort.

This was organized all very quickly when the opportunity came about. The number of participants were on the level of some competitions that have been going for years. This really set a bar for us and we hope to have you all back for next year if we have another competition as well as anyone who missed out this year because of the tight deadline. Broadhead Brewery took on the hard part of choosing the final winners out of a truly great bunch of final round entries.

2013 Homebrew Competition Winners

1st Place -- Emil Niec's Old Fruitcake Ale (Entry 0020)
2nd Place -- Patrick Boisvenue's Galaxyrise Amber Ale (Entry 0110)
3rd Place -- Dennis Rainville & Raphael Turcotte's White IPA (Entry 0043)

Broadhead Brewery noted that the final round just had too many excellent choices to be able to only choose one to brew. They are highly considering an "Invitational Series" because so many brews had extreme quality and impressed everyone so much. This means although your entry may not have placed, Broadhead may still call on you to invite you over for a brew day!

These are three of the many front runners that are being considered for such an event:

- JP Fournier's Cherries in the Snow (Entry 0131)
- Ryan Smith & Ryan O'Donnel's Ryan's Awesome APA (Entry 0071)
- Renee Belanger & Sarah Belanger's Frosted Elixer (Entry 0109)

Congratulations to all the winners and to those who will be part of the Invitational Series. Great beers all around. Entries dropped off or shipped to the Mitchell location should be receiving feedback soon, if they have not already. Entries dropped off in Ottawa can expect their feedback in the coming weeks.