Why Choose OBKeg Kits?
Canada's Best Selling Keg Kits -- Why choose OBKeg Kits for your home kegerator/keezer conversion. Details Below.

OBKeg Kits - Kegerator & Keezer Complete Conversion Kits for Draft Beer

Why Choose OBKeg Kits?

Canada's highest quality and best selling kegerator conversion kits. Detailed below is everything you need to know about purchasing the equipment for your own conversion at home. We'll explain why our kits are the right choice for you with parts descriptions, brief set-up guides, and more. We'll start with the heart of the system...

The Regulator

Taprite Regulator for Kegerator Conversion Canada

Taprite Dual Gauge Regulator

Taprite is known for it's professional quality of regulators, that's why in our kits you won't find anything else. The Dual Gauge Primary Beer Regulator is rated for high performance and is reliable and dependable.

Taprites features a permanent Quad-ring seal built-in into the inlet nipple for direct connection with the line of Co2 tanks we carry (no need to use a fiber washer each time the tank is changed). The gas check valve outlet is an MFL threaded connection that includes a 5/16" barbed swivel nut for the proper connection to our 5/16" Ultraflex Co2 gas line. A snug fitting connection fastened by a stainless steel oetiker stepless clamp to ensure a leak free output.

Other features include a non-adjustable "shut-down" built in to the body of the regulator to relieve pressure if it reaches maximum tolerance. The non-removable adjusting screw has been designed for when turned all the way to the maximum delivery pressure, it will not exceed 50 PSI. The internal relief valve opens when delivery pressure exceeds set pressure by 15 PSI.

Taprite Dual Product Dual Pressure Regulator for Kegerator Conversion Canada

Taprite Dual Product Dual Pressure Regulator (Optional Upgrade)

This Dual Product Dual Pressure regulator has the same great reliability and dependability as you'll find with the Taprite above. Only this regulator allows you to tap two kegs at the same time. Invidiually control the pressure to each keg! Either while serving both, or serving with one and pressurizing with the other.

With two separate gauges, you can separately measure the pressure output for each keg which allows you to adjust it particularly for the style of beer you are drinking. Highly carbonated Hefeweizen, and low carbonation, full-bodied stout? No problem.

Same safety pressure relief features as above.

The CO2 Tank

CO2 Tank for Kegerator Keezer Conversions Canada

Luxfer CO2 Tank

Available in 5 lb or 10 lb sizes for OBKeg Kits.

These are brand new tanks and recently manufactured. The cylinders are stamped with the required US Department of Transportation and Transport Canada markings, and will not need re-testing for years!

Made of high strength aluminum alloy 6061-T6, with service pressure of up to 1800 PSI/124 BAR with a test pressure of 3000 PSI/207 BAR. Aluminum cylinders are popular over those made of steel tanks, as they are not as heavy, and more importantly, will not rust.

Fitted with a CGA-320 valve that is approved for Canadian use. Valves are male threaded for perfect connection with Taprite regulators.

When planning your kegerator (or keezer) build, keep in mind the Co2 tank with regulator can either go inside your fridge along with the kegs and lines, or can also be placed outside of the fridge with a Co2 line going through to the kegs inside. If you prefer inside, dimensions are below.


5 lb: 18 1/4" Height, 5 1/2" Diameter

10 lb: 20" Height, 6 7/8" Diameter

*Note: It is against law to send filled Co2 tanks through the mail. All tanks are shipped empty. For a local Co2 supplier in your area it is most effective to check the yellow pages first. Look for weld supply or fire safety stores.

The Gas Tubing

CO2 Tank for Kegerator Keezer Conversions Canada

Ultraflex Gas Tubing

Ultraflx Gas Tubing for Co2 distribution. This 5/16" inner diameter by 9/16" outer diameter is thick walled, yet pliable for moving Co2 throughout your system and able to make any bends or turns in tight spaces.

This is a food grade tubing that will not rot, swell, or dy out. The high quality vinyl will stand up to all beer line cleaning chemicals and the bright red colour of the hose will help easily identify between your gas lines and beer lines.

Standard length is four feet per connection, this will give ample room to stretch across your kegerator/keezer.

Pairs perfectly with our 5/16" stainless steel barbed swivel nut, and clamped down with an stainless steel stepless oetiker clamp for a leak-free snug fit!

Proper connections: Barbed gas ball & pin lock connectors only come in a 1/4" barb, paired with a 5/16" hose, that is extra work for the clamp, and takes extra effort for the proper seal. We have completely switched over to MFL threaded connectors and 5/16" swivel nuts to prevent this.

Manifolds (Gas Distributors) for Multi-Tap Kits

Manifold Gas Distributor Ontario Beer Kegs CO2 Equipment Canada

Two Way through Nine Way Manifolds

Gas distributors are the perfect way to split a gas line serving at the same pressure. Any single pressure OBKeg Kit with multiple taps will include one of these manifolds. Whether splitting your line two or three ways in a mini-fridge or up to nine ways in a mega keezer, we've got you covered.

These are commercial high quality distributors with anodized ends to prevent rusting issues. They are easy to mount flush to a wall or inner panel, which makes it easier to get to within your system and takes up less space with better gas line organization.

Features a 3/8" brass inlet barb and chrome plated one way check valves which prevent back flow of liquid from one keg to another (something that can occur occasionally with a simple tee splitter). Manifolds are factory tested for leaks and with 3/8" check valve barbs for the outlets, it results in a secure fit for the Ultraflex tubing when it comes time to make the attachment.

Cornelius Keg Connections

Ball Lock Threaded MFL Connects Beer Parts Equipment Canada

Ball Lock MFL Threaded Connections

Gas (white) and beverage/liquid (black) MFL threaded connections with built in washer. The threaded ends fit the included stainless steel swivel nuts directly. Gas and beverage lines are clamped to the proper size barb for correct sizing.

These ball lock connectors fit our line of new NSF approved 3 & 5 gal Cornelius ball lock kegs as well as the re-conditioned and pressure tested 5 gal ball lock kegs.

Pin Lock MFL Threaded Connections for Cornelius Kegs Canada Kegerator Conversion Kits and Keezers

Pin Lock MFL Threaded Connections

Gas (white base) and beverage/liquid (black base) MFL threaded connections with built in washer. The threaded ends fit the included stainless steel swivel nuts directly. Gas and beverage lines are clamped to the proper size barb for correct sizing.

Swivel Nuts 1/4" Threaded Connection for Ball or Pin Lock MFL connectors with 1/4" Barb or 5/16" Barb

Stainless Steel Swivel Nuts

Combining barbed swivel nuts with your ball or pin lock connections is the ideal way to connect your kegerator/keezer system as there are many advantages over simply using barbed ball or pin lock connects. These stainless steel swivel nuts and threaded connectors come standard on all our kits.

These feature the ability to quickly and easily switch back and forth between ball and pin lock if you are using both type of kegs in your system, not too mention the ease of also being able to connect to a sanke coupler (with a universal tail piece installed) for kegs purchased from a beer store or brewery.

Swivel nuts also give you the choice of removing the connectors from the gas or line beer line for an easier and more effective way to clean the lines.

Kits will include 1/4" barbed swivel nuts for the beverage side, as it's the perfect fit for our 3/16" inner diameter Bevlex 200 beer line. For the gas side, kits include a 5/16" barb for the perfect fit on our 5/16" ID Ultraflex Co2 gas line. This is something that cannot be replicated with a simple barbed gas ball or pin lock as they are only available with 1/4" barbs. The the smaller diameter barb makes for a looser fit for the larger diameter hose, which makes more work for the clamps, and more prone to leaks. For this reason, we have made the switch to swivel nuts.

The Beer Line

Bevlex 200 Beer Line for Serving Draft Beer at Home - Proper Restriction at 6' Length

Bevlex 200 Beer Line


Cobra Tap Kits

Picnic Cobra Tap for Beer Dispensing Canada Kegerator Kits

Cobra Tap (Picnic Faucet)


Pass-Through Kits

Chrome Plated Brass Faucet for Dispensing Beer from Kegerator Conversion Kit Canada

Chrome Plated Standard Faucet (Default)


Stainless Steel Standard Faucet for Dispensing Draft Home Brew Beer Canada

Stainless Steel Standard Faucet (Optional)


Perlick 525 Stainless Steel SS Deluxe Faucet for Dispensing Beer at Home Craft Canada Keezer Kegerator Kits OBK

Perlick 525 Stainless Steel Faucet (Optional)


Stainless Steel Shanks & Tail Pieces for Faucet Pass-Through Assemblies Kegerator Keezer Conversion Kits at Home Canada

Stainless Steel Shanks & Tail Pieces (FREE Upgrade from Chrome Plated)


Beer Tower Kits

Stainless Steel Beer Tower with Faucets for Beer Tower Kegerator Fridge Conversion Kits Canada

Single Towers through Six Tap Towers


Cornelius Kegs

New NSF Approved 5 Gallon Cornelius Ball Lock Kegs

New NSF Approved 5 Gallon Cornelius Ball Lock Keg


Re-conditioned and Pressure Tested Used 5 Gallon Cornelius Ball Lock Kegs Home Brew

Re-conditioned and Pressure Tested 5 Gallon Cornelius Ball Lock Kegs


(Optional) Deluxe Faucet Wrench

Deluxe Faucet Wrench for Kegerator Faucets and Beer Nuts

Deluxe Faucet Wrench