Feedback we have received from customers through Facebook, Twitter and Email.


Thanks Kyle for the promp service.
Really apreciate obk after sale service.

Christian Roberge - Montreal Quebec


I meant to note on my order that I placed another order this morning that should be pretty small (in size). Feel free to shove that box inside the kettle and ship together or not. I know you guys are uber efficient there, and it's all the same to me (I already paid shipping on the first one and don't want a refund or anything).

Thanks again for inducing me to spend all my money with your great deals!

Justin Demerchant - Whitby Ontario


Thank you for your excellent service OBK, I have received my order. This is one of several successful and very satisfying buying experiences with you! Keep up the good work!

Oliver Bergeron - Quebec


Just WOW!!! Not gonna be ordering from anywhere else again! Customer service is awesome! Shipping is stellar fast and the prices beat by far all the Montreal surrounding homebrew shop on EVERYTHING!! Thank you!

Marc Aube - Facebook


Good day, i came across your company inline the other day, I just ordered sanke D coupler on Wed night I believe, it just arrived 10 minutes ago,
I just wanted to say that never in a million years did I expect to get it so quickly.

Thank you for your incredibly prompt service, I will definitely pass the word on, and will continue to use your company in the future.

Bob - Midland, Ontario


Hi Patrick,

I contacted you via the live chat option a couple of days ago regarding the cooler bulkhead I bought that was missing the washers. I'd just like to say thanks so much for sending them out so quickly. Much to my surprise, they were with a new bulkhead and cushioned in a OBK T-shirt!

Let me first point out that that was entirely unnecessary and that I totally understand that stuff slips through the cracks. The prompt mailing was more than enough. That said, this is impressive customer service and truly is appreciated. I just wanted to write in and let you know that I'm definitely a happy customer and I'll be adding some comments on the site once I get it all put together. It goes without saying as well that this won't be my last order with you either.

All the best,

Ryan - Ottawa, Ontario


hello Patrick,

I just wanted to let you know that you are very personable, knowledgeable, as well as helpful. You are very good at your job, either you really enjoy it (which who could blame you) or you just really provide great customer service otherwise. thanks for your time and information while I placed my first order. You made it a great experience.

Chris - Yarmouth, Nova Scotia


I received my new carbonation lid yesterday, and it works perfectly. I'm writing to tell you how impressed and pleased I am with your customer service. I know I've told you before, but it never ceases to amaze me. It's clear that you take your customers' needs very seriously. Your customer service skills are truly unparallelled.

Jean-Sebastien - Ottawa, Ontario


Thank you for having such an awesome store! I want to stop in sometime in person when I'm in the area.

Chris - St. Thomas, Ontario


Wow, I was wondering what you meant with the great service stated on your web site... Now I totally understand, another happy customer :-)

Marc - Quebec, Quebec


You guys have made it really easy and awesome to start our all grain brewing. So, thank you! I'm sure we'll be ordering from you again soon.

Mark - Guelph, Ontario


Placed an order on Sunday and received today! Had to double check my invoice to make sure I selected Economy shipping not Express shipping. Thanks for quick service and great pricing.

Shayn - Oakville, Ontario


just got my second order delivered, and just as fast as the first. Thanks for the advice over the chat function on your website!
thanks for the great service!

Walt - Calgary, Alberta


Dear Patrick,

I'm writing to inform you that the threaded inserts that you have work perfectly! I used a 1/2" drill bit, a 3/8" bolt & locking nut, and a pair of wrenches for the job. Three taps(two pine & one plywood) that I turned on the lathe were fitted in fifteen minutes.

Once again, please accept my warmest regards and keep on providing this important service to Canadian homebrewers.


Bill - Montreal, Quebec


Very impressed with how fast my first order came, got my beginners brew kit #2, can't wait to get into on Sunday

Neal - London, Ontario


First time order. Heard a lot of great things. Tired of having orders messed up and terrible customer service. Thanks!!

Rob - Belleville, Ontario


This order was at the office waiting for me this morning! Amazing service - thank you very much.

We order some stuff last week from a Toronto based homebrew shop and as much as we like the place it took more than 3 days to arrive and it stretched over the weekend and didn't arrive in time for us to Brew.

You are winning us over big time! Keep it up.

Thanks again.

Pat - Toronto, Ontario


Its been fun watching your business grow, and very nice to have a solid canadian option! I hope it is working for you. Casey

Casey - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


Thanks guys, awesome store and great prices.

Matthew - Ottawa, Ontario


All three of the tracking numbers are working fine, thank you. Overall, the customer service and pricing has been great. I'll be sure to come back to OBK for my next purchase and recommend you guys to fellow brewers!

Anthony - Layfayette, Indiana


Just got my order for all-grain brewing this morning. I haven't opened the boxes, but thank you in advance for another job well done!

Marc - Pembroke, Ontario


Thanks very much for your ridiculously prompt reply. These things do not go unnoticed and have prompted me to send more than one newbie your way for orders.

Mike - Ottawa, Ontario


Thanks! You guys are super fast!!! Order arrived faster than if I went to my local Brew store!!!

3 Cheers!

David - Barrie, Ontario


Thanks for doing what you're doing Patrick. I consider myself fortunate to have access to OBK for so much brewing gear!

Jordan - Ottawa, Ontario


Thanks Patrick, I figured it was something like that. Your service is exceptional. Thanks again for all your hard work and dedication.

Mike - Lantzville, British Columbia


Thanks for the quick reply!!

I am really impressed by your customer service!

I will add the part to the comments of my next order.

Thanks again!

Olivier - Pointe-Claire, Quebec


Ok - great! I sometimes have to order from another place, and they are awful, so I'll look forward to your expansion!

Thanks again

Heather - Toronto, Ontario


You guys are great! Thanks for having all this great stuff!!

Ryan - Winnipeg, Manitoba


This order arrived yesterday...I'd like to thank you for the amazingly fast shipping to Toronto.

I'd much rather purchase from your company that the other shop that seems to stock these systems.

Many thanks

Ian - Toronto, Ontario


Always a pleasure doing business with you guys. Thanks for the quality products and service. Now if I could just win one of those contests...

Rob - Ottawa, Ontario


Thanks for resolving that problem so quickly. I really appreciate that. You guys give great service and be assured I will let my brewing friends know!


Ian - Chambord, Quebec


You guys rock!

Matthew - Port Moody, British Columbia


Once again you guys exceed expectations! Thank you.

Eric - Fernie, British Columbia


Wow, 99% of the time it works out the other way, especially when dealing with money. Thanks again, and love the site, will be buying from you again.

Richard - Amherstburg, Ontario


Thanks again. I really like your store and the service you people provide. You guys are top notch in my books ! Thanks again

Eric - Fernie, British Columbia


Just a quick note to say thanks to all at Ontario Beers Kegs! My recent order (2 3-gallon kegs arrived within 2 days of shipping and after 4 days of ordering them (including 2 weekend days). More Canadian businesses need to learn your customer service skills! (and I might add - prices are great, competitive with any I can find on the web).


John - Hanwell, New Brunswick


Great service yet again, my order arrived the day after I ordered it.

Vince - Whitby, Ontario


Thanks guys, I really appreciate the live chat and great advice on top of your terrific pricing. I look forward to doing more business with you.

John - Hanwell, New Brunswick


Hi Patrick/Angela,

Just to thank you for the recent order which arrived safe and sound today. My order was only put in yesterday morning and arrived here before noon today!

I continue to be amazed by your great variety of homebrew related products, excellent prices, and speedy delivery.

And a free Tee shirt, even though I was a week late in ordering! What a great surprise!

When I look at your prices compared to your main competition here in the Toronto area - I really don't know how you do it. I think that even if your prices where much closer to those of your competion, you'd win on the basis of the quality of service you provide!

I just hope you are gettng enough return on investment at your current pricing to justify the effort that you put in for the homebrew community, I'm sure the others appreciate it as much as I do!

First class in every respect

Brian - Burlington, Ontario


The part arrived in the mail today, along with the awesome shirt. Thanks so much! I put the other part in the mail today. Take care!

Caroline - Orleans, Ontario


I didn't know about this promo, and what a surprise when I opened the box ! Great t-shirt ! Thanks OBK !

Steve - St-Nicolas, Quebec


I came home and was very surprised to see that I received my order today in Edmonton. This is perhaps the fastest turnaround time, and cross-country shipping I've seen yet. Once again, I'm amazed at the service from OBK from ordering, to fulfilment, to customer service.

Sonu - Edmonton, Alberta


Wow that is great customer service, thank you very much Patrick!

Andre - Verdun, Quebec


Stopped in for a visit to OBK on Monday and picked up the basics to start brewing. Patrick and the gang really live up to their reputation. It was nice to meet you in person. Can't wait to try out the new equipment. I will definitely be dealing with OBK again! You've got a good setup, keep up the good work.

Ryan - Ottawa, Ontario


I must say (and I know I've said it before) that your customer service is second to none.

Thanks again!

Nick - Ottawa, Ontario


Placed an order at 9am yesterday. 10am today, my order arrives! Thanks for saving my brewing long weekend!!! OBK is awesome!

Sasha - Ottawa, Ontario


I wanted to just give a big thanks again to the guys at OBK. Got to brew today for the first time in a couple months. Pulled out my mill, my 2 port pot and the hops/grain I purchased with my last big order. Ran it all through and i'm currently 10 minutes from flameout. Wouldn't have been possible without OBK!

Andy - Peterborough, Ontario


I had my first experience ordering from OBK recently and I just wanted to say how great it was. Quick and helpful responses from Patrick and Kyle. Extremely fast shipping. Great products. Amazing customer service. I received the wrong thermometer and Patrick is shipping me a replacement free of charge. You guys have made a new customer for life!

Blaine - Edmonton, Alberta


Another great transaction! Fast shipping, excellent service too. Thanks Kyle, specifically, for helping me yesterday get exactly what I wanted! Keezer build will ensue....Cheers!

Jon - London, Ontario


Dear Sirs of OBK. Your website does not have a testimonials section. On Wed night you violently reached through the internets, grabbed my visa and charged me for a pot. Today, said pot arrived (on my birthday nonetheless!). Bravo gentlemen! If I didn't have to go out for dinner tonight, I might have just slipped out onto the deck and started brewing right away.

Thanks again for the great service!

Kevin - Bowmanville, Ontario


Patrick, you and you team never cease to go above and beyond. I placed my order yesterday around 2:00 pm. Approx 2:09 pm I receive email confirmation of order fulfillment at approx 4:39 pm I receive my confirmation email that my order has shipped. It arrived the next day in perfect condition. literally 26 hours after i placed the order I was picking it up. I was fully expecting next Tuesday due to Canada Day etc... Thank you for the brilliant and prompt service. Because of you and your amazing team I am now able to brew 3 batches of beer this Canada Weekend. Next time you are in Muskoka we must get together for a pint my treat. I mean it! Thank you so much!

Sam - Bracebridge, Ontario


Placed my order yesterday, delivered this morning. Total time from order to delivery was under 24 hours. Love this place.

Kevin - Paris, Ontario


Great to see you guys are becoming the Bulk Barn of brewing. Makes brewing logistics much easier!

Ryan - Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island


Not sure if I've told you this, but you rock Patrick, ordered Sunday so I could fix a broken manifold valve, arrived today, and now my keezer is back up and running perfectly with no leaks!

Doug - Ottawa, Ontario


Ingredients ordered Monday night, shipped Tuesday, "out for delivery" by Canada Post on Wednesday. Nice.

I pondered the hour drive out to OBK from Kitchener this Saturday instead of paying for shipping of about ~12lb of stuff... but this way I get to brew on Saturday instead.

Chris - Kitchener, Ontario


So, just another shout out to Patrick and the OBK crew.

Placed an order yesterday morning, it's out for delivery today. This is not the first time this has happened either. I'm getting spoiled by 1-2 day shipping.

Next brewday it may be "order ingredients on Wednesday, Brew on Saturday. Not something any other Canadian online store has been able to do :)

Andy - Peterborough, Ontario


Holy Toledo you guys ship fast! My order of hops and specialty grains arrived in less than 48 hours. Thanks, I can't wait to start brewing some summer beers for the pipeline!

Karyn - Toronto, Ontario


Hey guys, just picked up my St. Paddy's Day prize. Thank-you so much, this is beyond generous. A stout faucet, tap handle, and OBK faucet/corny keg wrench and bottle opener. All of you: Buy sh*t from this company, lots of it, now.

Tim - Sooke, British Columbia


You're the best. Thanks for the great affordable products and the lightning fast shipping!



Just received my order. Wow that was fast. Order placed Friday received today. Thank's OBK. And now Let's make beer!

Luc - Cap-Sante, Quebec


Ordered the West Coast IPA kit last Sunday, it arrived today, packed flawlessly. Patrick you and the crew are constantly going above and beyond. Again thank you for the quick and attentive service. Cheers...Sam



Great job guys, and now gals too I guess.. You're the real deal. Makes the drive from Sarnia worthwhile just to say hello. Great products, great service, awesome people. Much success and I'll be seeing you again.

Cheers OBK.

Kevin - Sarnia, Ontario


I gotta throw out a bit thanks to Patrick. Great customer service, Great prices. I'll definitely be buying from him, repeatedly :)

Andy - Peterborough, Ontario


I ordered a couple of things from you guys, and I'm really super satisfied, your service is super fast, the products are great and the prices too! Thank you ! I'll keep ordering from you guys....


Just wanted to thank you guys for the wonderful service and excellent online shopping. I have been brewing for 16 years and you guys are by far the best I have dealt with! Look forward to future brews now that I have a competent supplier!!! Keep up the great work! Cheers

James - Murray Harbour, Prince Edward Island


Like the redesign. You're making it easier for me to get rid of all my money, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Caleb - Stratford, Ontario


Got my new 9 gallon pot today. Shipping was very fast and customer service has been great. The only thing that'd be better is if you were close enough to be my LHBS. :)

Andy - Peterborough, Ontario


Great customer service Patrick, extract kits (4) ordered on Dec 19th, tracking number emailed to me within an hour and the kits arrived today. This was my first order with OntarioBeerKeg's but it will not be my last.

Donald - Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia