FREE Line Cleaner Kit

When viewing a kegerator kit or keg, the product page will have an image for the FREE value added item(s), if the product qualifies.

FREE Line Cleaner Kit

FREE Line Cleaner Kit with every *Kegerator Kit. These value-added products are worth over $30.00 and will be shipped with your qualifying purchase.

The Line Cleaner Kit included with this kegerator kit is valued at $33.99. Take a look, the BCL cleaner included with this kit is so powerful that you only need to use 1/2 ounce to clean your beverage lines, meaning you will get a full 8 cleanings with this FREE kit.

*Kegerator Kit consisting of a regulator, shank(s), tailpiece(s), faucet(s) and keg(s). The Line Cleaner Kit will be included with any Kegerator Kit that has a regulator, shank(s), tailpiece(s), faucet(s) but no keg. Kegerator Kits with Cobra or Picnic Taps are excluded from this offer.

We have included an image of the FREE value-added items in the details of each qualifying kegerator kit or keg listing.