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Bayou Classic Burners, Deep Fryers, Cast Iron Cookware and More!

Bayou Classic

The Bayou Classic is an annual traditional football game held between Southern University Jaguars and the Grambling State University Tigers, plus, it is a trusted name in brewing and outdoor cooking equipment. Congratulations to the Southern University Jaguars on their 38-28 in the 45th Bayou Classic. Saturday, November 30, 2019, is the date for the 46th Annual Bayou Classic between Southern University and Grambling State University.

Homebrewing does require some specialized equipment, but did you know that Bayou Classic also has many crossover products? That's right; use their pots for making beer in your kitchen or backyard or take them camping. Use the stockpots when brewing your beer or for making soups, stews, jambalaya or maybe a big pot of chili for the neighbourhood potluck.

We carry a selection of Bayou Classic cast iron products, including a bacon press (with or without pan), skillet sets, campfire griddles, fish cookers, Dutch ovens and fajita pans.

We also have stainless steel deep fryers and burners that are dual purpose. Use them for your brew kettles, stew pots or your Thanksgiving dinner using their 30-quart turkey fryer. You also might be interested in their paella pan or pizza stone. Why not turn up the heat with their jalapeno pepper rack set?

Ontario Beer Kegs is an authorized Canadian distributor for Bayou Classic.
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