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Bazooka Screen (12")
Bazooka Screen 12"
Fresh hops are very aromatic and are beautiful to look at; but once you boil them, they turn into a pile of gunk in the wort. Home brewers need to remove the hops prior to fermentation. Clarifying the brew by removing large sediments causes less problem to the fermenter or yeasts. During the fermentation process, the presence of hops may clog and plaster on the side of the container which creates a lot of effort for home brewers to clean up. Moreover, the presence of hops may clog the small pipes especially if home brewers use external chillers.

There are many methods used by home brewers to filter hops and one of the most common method is the use of a mesh strainer. A mesh strainer provides a simple solution in filtering hops but the problem is that it can be very inconvenient to hold the strainer in place while transferring a large volume of wort to another container.

Another method is the use of a Bazooka screen. A Bazooka screen is not only used in filtering hops from the wort but it is also commonly used in mash tuns which is a process that releases the sugar from the grains for better fermentation. It is made from 12 inch 1/2" MPT stainless steel including the mesh screen. This particular tool in filtering hops are notorious for clogging up easily especially when small pellets are used. Homebrewers can prevent this problem by using whole leaf hops.

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Bazooka Screen (12")

  • Measures 12 inches in length

  • Made from all stainless steel including the mesh

  • Mesh is specifically made from 16 gauge 304 stainless steel

  • Used in straining the hops but can also be used as a mash tun for mashing the grains to release the sugar

  • Features 1/2" MPT