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Homebrew Bottling

You chose the type of brew to make, followed all of the direction and the fermentation is now done! What do you do now with your beer? Bottling your homebrew is one way to store and serve your beer. Many homebrewers like to keg their beer so that they can dispense it from their beer tower, kegerator or even their jockey box. However, many still opt to bottle their beer as that is the container they are used to seeing it in. While bottling beer is by no means a new or novel idea, the tools for bottling beer have evolved quite a bit the past few years.

Beer bottles now come in different colours and may be made from different materials, you can even get ones made from stainless steel. Before bottling your homebrew you should carefully inspect your bottles for any cracks or defects, then make sure you give them a good cleaning. Using a jet washer and brush work very well. (more info below)

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You have probably heard people saying that bottling beer requires a great deal of skill. This statement is no longer true. The manufacturers of homebrewing bottling equipment have made this part of your job quite easy with things like beer guns and bottling wands. Give it a try, in very little time you will be filing bottles like a pro.

At Ontario Beer Kegs, we know that beer bottling can be a time-consuming task, so we have gathered a collection of bottling items that should help bring your brew day to a successful close quickly - siphons, hoses, cappers, bottle caps, spigots and more!