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No, these aren't bathroom or kitchen faucets, they are beer faucets, and you will need them to dispense the beer into your glass. There are several vital components in a draft beer system required to ensure a successful pour. A beer faucet is the last piece of equipment standing between your homebrew and your glass.

Pulling the tap handle is what controls the flow of beer from the faucet to your drinking receptacle. Monitoring the amount of pressure released from your gas tank is essential, as too much could create turbulence that will cause the beer to foam in the glass.

Draft beer faucets are available in a wide variety of designs, quality, and brands, allowing you to customize the look of your bar. You can choose faucets that match your d├ęcor, hobby or ones that will readily tell you at a glance the type of beer you are dispensing.

You can also use many of these faucets to dispense wine and ciders. The critical thing to look for in a cider/wine faucet is that whatever comes in contact with your beverage is Stainless Steel, which helps eliminate any off flavours. (continue reading below)

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Stout Faucet Stout Faucet
Price: $74.99

The type of beer you are planning on dispensing will ultimately determine the faucet spout needed for your kegerator or bar beer tower. For instance, if you are serving stouts or Guinness beer, you will need a unique spout that allows for nitrogen use.

Moreover, it is also crucial to know how much you are willing to spend on a beer faucet. Depending on their quality, design and material, beer faucets can get expensive. You should also consider the number of taps on your beer tower.

Remember, some beer faucets allow you to add attachments, such as different types of spouts, bottle or growler fillers. So rather than purchase them separately, it may be more cost-effective to pay a bit more for a tap that can do a whole lot more.

Once you have installed your draft beer faucets, it is essential that you also maintain their quality and performance by regularly cleaning them. To clean beer faucets, disassemble them, and use the appropriate cleaner and brushes to rid them of any residue that may affect the beer's final flavour.