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Beer Recipe Kits

At OntarioBeerKegs we have many different homebrew beer kits for you to purchase from us online. If you are just beginning your beer making endeavours at home we have simple brew can kits or you may want to consider our 3 or 5 gallon malt extract kits. The more experienced homebrewer will want to take a look at our all-grain beer kits. Already know how to brew and want to make larger homebrew batches, then check out our brewzilla kits - they contain enough home brewing ingredients to make 9 - 5.25 gallon batches (each with a different type of hop).

For those that enjoy their brew but have a gluten intolerance we also have a selection of gluten free beer recipe kits.

We take the guesswork out of beermaking by including all the ingredients you need in our beer recipe kits. You can also be assured that you are receiving fresh ingredients as we do not package our OBK beer kits until they have been ordered and are ready to be shipped.

There is a PDF link to the beer recipes and instructions that appear on each individual beer recipe kit page. Taking a look at this PDF will let you know exactly what you are getting and what equipment you will need to make your homebrew. These instruction sheets also give you the estimated SRM, IBU, OG, FG, ABV and your pre & post boil volumes. You will also be able to see the colour, hop bitterness, flavour and aroma that you should achieve if you follow the beer recipes and instructions.
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We also carry a number of beer can recipe kits from trusted suppliers, for those less experienced brewers. These beer kits are also good for those who wish to try something new before investing in individual ingredients before making larger batches.

The selection includes:
  • Coopers - Australia
  • Morgans - Australia
  • Muntons - United Kingdom
Remember to read the information on the kit pages as some do require dextrose (which is not included) in order for the beer to turn out properly.