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Brewzilla Homebrew Kits

Is it time to step it up a notch and make sure that all the kegs you have attached to your beer tower have a different style of beer? Or maybe you are hosting the family reunion or office party.

These 'Brewzilla' beer recipe kits make approximately 500 (355ml) beers (that's over 20 two-four cases of beer!). Save time and money using these malt extracts kits. They contain enough ingredients to brew 9 - 5.25 gallons of beer (that is quite a savings over buying 9 kits, get your brewing buddies together and share the cost). Interested in trying different types of single hop homebrews, then our Session IPA is the kit for you. We have gathered 9 varieties of hops and packaged them in a single 'Brewzilla' beer recipe kit.
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