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Brewer's Best - Tequila Barrel Chips (4 oz)
Brewer's Best - Tequila Barrel Chips (4 oz)
Tequila Barrel Chips will help add those tequila-aged barrel characteristics traditionally requiring a barrel. They will also add peasant notes of lime and agave to your beer.

Chips are sanitized using a nitrogen purge making them able to be used immediately.
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Brewer's Best - Tequila Barrel Chips (4 oz)

We recommend using a muslin bag to contain the tequila barrel chips while soaking in your beer for easy removal and ease of transferring.

Usage Instructions:
  • 2oz. per 5 gallons of beer during secondary fermentation.
  • Age beer 5 days with chips.
  • Sample beer to determine proper flavour.
  • Age for an additional 5 days if stronger flavour is desired.

Storage Instructions:
  • Leave in airtight container.
  • Soak in similar spirits to re-sanitize.
  • Ratio: 1 oz. of chips per 1 oz. of spirits for 48 hours.

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