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Brewing Bulkheads

One of the most convenient ways to convert a simple brew kettle into a lauter tun or mash tun is to install a weldless bulkhead fitting. A bulkhead fitting is a piece of hardware designed to create a connection through the sealed wall of the brew kettle or any type of vessel. Bulkhead fittings are simple accessories, but they are used to connect other accessories or adapters like sight gauges, thermometers, spigots, hoses, or bazooka screens. They can also be used to connect coils. Many brew pots and kettle come with welded bulkheads, however, you can install weldless bulkhead fittings yourself. To avoid unnecessary leaks, Teflon tape may be wrapped around the thread.

At Ontario Beer Kegs, we have a wide selection of bulkhead fittings that you can use to create impressive brewing projects. We carry stainless steel bulkheads for kegs, mash tuns, kettles, thermometers, and coolers. They come with gaskets and washers that are necessary to install them securely on the equipment. Browse from our selection of bulkhead fittings that are compatible with your brewing projects.
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