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Home Brewing Equipment

We carry a large inventory of stainless steel brewing equipment, hardware and testers. Within these pages you will find homebrewing equipment kits for the novice brewers, right through to the expert BIAB all grain brewer.

Stainless steel brew pots and kettles, that may also be used for preserving and making large pots of stews and soups - the possibilities are endless. Using your stove top works well for brewing smaller batches of beer, when it is time to move on to bigger pots and kettles of home made beer you may want to consider one of our burners.
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Keg Lube Keg Lube
Price: $5.69
Nylon Washer Nylon Washer
Sale Price: $0.79
Bazooka Screen 12" Bazooka Screen (12")
Sale Price: $9.49
CO2 to Nitro Adapter CO2 to Nitro Adapter
Sale Price: $15.99
Hex Beer Nut Hex Beer Nut
Price: $1.99
Magnetic Stir Plate for Homebrew Yeast Propagation Magnetic Stir Plate
Sale Price: $64.99
Hydrometer Tool for Testing Gravity in Beer Hydrometer
Price: $3.99
Faucet Brush Faucet Brush
Price: $2.95
Muslin Steeping Straining Bag for Homebrewing Muslin Steeping Bag 10" x 6"
Price: $1.85
Deal of the Day Price: $1.05
Teflon Tape (aka Plumber's Tape) is used to wrap around your threaded brass or stainless steel connections. This will provide a tight seal and prevent leaking. Canada Supplies for Stainless Steel Hardware, Parts, Fittings and Connections Teflon Tape
Price: $1.59
2" ID Orange Carboy Cap for 3, 5 & 6 Gallon Carboys Carboy Cap
Price: $3.99
Blichmann HopRocket Blichmann HopRocket
Sale Price: $154.49

For those of you that are making all grain recipe kits, we carry grain mills and everything you need for mashing (including fresh ingredients). Ready to cool down your wort or serve ice cold homemade beer from your jockey box, then check out our wort chillers and coils. We have a complete line of fermenting equipment and accessories for the homebrewer and craft breweries. Tired of waiting for gravity to do its job while transferring your brew from one vessel to another, then take a look at our pumps that can help move your brew day along.

We also carry bottling kits, scales, cleaning and sanitation products. Take look in our tools category, we have over-sized spoons, tongs and scoops that may come in quite handy other than on brew day.

Should you need replacement parts for your brewing equipment, take a look in our hardware section. You will find many of the top name brewing equipment manufacturers listed amongst the products we sell.