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Homebrewing Spices and Flavourings

While malt, hops, yeast, and water may be the very essence of beer and the only ingredients that are required to brew, this doesn't necessarily mean that other ingredients can't be used to expand the flavour and aroma profile of our favourite beverage. If you're feeling experimental or want to replicate the flavours found in certain cultures, using brewing spices and flavourings is undoubtedly a must.

In this section of Ontario Beer Kegs, we carry a broad selection of flavour, aroma finings and brewing spices that will enrich your beer with a whole new dimension of possibilities. Shop around and see what spices will end up in your next experimental brew!

Remember, that while we may have these products listed under 'Brewing Spices and Flavourings' you can use some of them when cooking or baking your favourite recipes, not just in your homebrews or winemaking.
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