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CM Becker Disconnects

Kegging is a convenient way of storing your homebrew instead of using beer bottles. Although kegging allows you to store your beer in large containers called kegs, they are not as portable as bottled beer. Nevertheless, it is a convenient way of storing (and serving) your homebrew.

If you opt for kegging beer, you will need to build (or buy) a kegerator or kegging system. Aside from the Cornelius keg, a kegging system requires different parts and accessories. One of the essential accessories in building a kegging system is the connections. Do take note that there are two types of connections used on a cornie keg. One pushes the carbon dioxide (or other gas) into the keg, while the other is needed to dispense the beer. CM Becker disconnects are available for the beverage and gas posts and pin lock and ball lock cornie kegs.

Since there are a lot of connections necessary in building a kegging system, it is essential for you to use quick disconnects. As the name implies, quick disconnects are fittings used in providing a convenient and fast connection as well as disconnection of fluid and gas lines. Also called quick release couplings, they are operated using only your hands. (more info below)
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Quick disconnects can be stainless steel, plastic or a combination of both. If you are building a kegging system, knowing what type of cornie keg you have is essential. There are different types of quick disconnects, pin lock and ball lock, liquid and gas connectors. Gas quick disconnects are usually grey. However, with more manufacturers making disconnects different colours are now being used for both liquid and gas disconnects.

Here at Ontario Beer Kegs, we have a wide variety of keg disconnects from which to choose. We carry tall and short, threaded and barbed, pin and ball lock disconnects for beverage and gas lines. We also have inline flow controls and O-rings that you can use to prevent leaking. Browse through our collection of quick disconnects and find out which ones work with your kegging system.