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CM Becker Flow Control

When you need to have a fine control over the flow rate between the different elements of your brewing or bottling system, but don't want to install a separate flow control faucet, the inline flow control compensator by CM Becker might be your best alternative.

The flow control compensator features a simple and elegant design that lets you control the flow of any liquid in a very effective manner that doesn't make the system all too bulky. Just turn the control element of the fitting with the included Allen wrench, and you will be able to adjust the exact flow rate of the liquid in your vessel.

We also carry different sizes of flow control barbs so that you may order just that part should you decide to change the size of your brew tubing. And what's really great, is the fact that at Ontario Beer Kegs we have great prices on all CM Becker products that homebrewers can benefit from.

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