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Carbonation Lid Assembly
Carbonation Lid Assembly for Cornelius Keg
This assembly will greatly decrease your carbonation time. There are three different methods commonly used to force carbonate beer. For use on single strap handle kegs only.
  1. The set and forget. Recommended. Simply use a chart or tool and input the beer temperature and desired volume of CO2. Adjust your regulator to the PSI setting it tells you to and wait. This gives your beer time to mature and the CO2 will stop carbonating once it reaches an equilibrium. This method places a layer of CO2 on top of your beverage, as the beverage absorbs the CO2 carbonation slowly takes place. Fool proof but takes a few weeks for most styles.
  2. The shake, rattle and roll. Not recommended. Crank your gas up. Put the keg on it's side and roll it around. This pushes large bubbles of CO2 into contact with more surface area very aggressively. Problem is, you do not know how much CO2 you are forcing in and can overshoot your target volume. It also can leave an undesired "green" or "carbonic bite" taste.
  3. Carbonation lid. Recommended. By installing this lid with stone attached you can achieve a very fast carbonation time. Just like the set and forget method adjust your beer temperature and regulator to the desired settings using a chart or software like this one: CLICK HERE. This method works fast because the stone breaks the CO2 up and injects tiny bubbles with huge amounts of surface area directly into your beer. Instead of making a blanket on top of it like the set and forget method. It will carbonate a five gallon keg overnight.

*For use on single handle strap handle kegs only.
**The line is 1' for a reason and not intended to reach the bottom, a longer line will drag your stone in sediment and clog the pores.
Price: $44.99

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Carbonation Lid Assembly

For easiest use:
CO2 absorbs better when cold 34° - 40°F
Boil your stone for a few minutes before use. Carbonation stones are porous
Make sure you follow proper sanitation techniques as always
Most beer will carbonate overnight. Results will vary depending on beer styles
Experiment with settings to find what suits you best
After your beer is carbonated replace the carbonation lid with a standard lid. Clean and store carbonation lid

Assembly Includes:
1 - Carbonation Lid
1 - 0.5 Micron Carbonation Stone
2 - Stainless Steel Clamps
1' - 5/16" Tubing

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2 of 5 in theory... May 7, 2017
Reviewer: Chris from GTA  
great concept, but for $60 after taxes it should be designed that one can use without major modifications.
the hose is too short, only bubbling CO2 through half the keg. easy to fix, but you have to buy 2' of hose and cut it to length.
the handle is the other issue. it requires minor bending to fit the slim double rubber handle kegs. the bulkier tops (forgot what manufacturer) would require a total rebuild.
however, with the proper size hose and not using the handle (just pressure to hold it in place), it works just fine and I use it all the time to speed up soda turnaround

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2 of 5 Works but has "fit" issues. January 2, 2016
Reviewer: Garret Haynes from Lacombe, AB Canada  
As one reviewer mentioned, the handle on this unit is not very compatible with cornelius kegs that have the thick black rubber handles.  I have 6 kegs from 5 different manufacturers/styles and the only one that this lid will close on is my 2.5 gallon keg with a naked stainless steel handle.  The shape of the handle is different than the picture- instead of the 2 parallel bars on the handle it flares out wider near the ends which is the cause of the problem. The work around I have to use is to put about 30 psi of CO2 into the keg through the normal gas in post and then once the interior pressure holds the lid enough to form a seal switch your gas to the lid's gas in port and use as normal with hopefully limited leakage.  If you are looking to buy kegs at the same time as this unit then I highly recommend the kegs with the single stainless handle welded on so that you can avoid this issue.

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5 of 5 Carbed beer in less than 36 hrs! December 3, 2014
Reviewer: Peter Caira from Toronto, ON Canada  
This works better than I had anticipated. My usual method of force-carbonating is to just set my regulator to 30 psi and leave it at that for 3 or 4 days.

I got close to what I'd say is 2.0 volumes overnight using the carbonation lid / stone combination using the same pressure. Another day later and I had hit my desired carbonation level.

This really works but you have to use it with high pressure.

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3 of 5 it's okay June 3, 2014
Reviewer: Mike French from Nepean , ON Canada  
it's not as good as I hoped it would have been.  The hose is too short.  Still takes almost a week to get proper carb.  You can do it faster by constantly tweeking the co2, but set and forget tastes better.

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4 of 5 Works well May 7, 2014
Reviewer: Jonas from Calgary, AB Canada  
This works quite well as advertised as far as carbing up your beer overnight. Just make sure it's cold. Only downside to this is that the clamp to hold down the lid won't fully close on any of my corny kegs. It hits the black rubber handles of the keg.

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