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Carboys & Accessories

Fermentation is an important process in making beer. Commercial breweries as well as seasoned home brewers use professional fermenters such as conicals and bucket fermenters but there are other fermenters that are available for home brewers.

There are many types of fermentation vessels that you can use for brewing beer. But if you are still new to fermenting beer, you can try inexpensive carboys and jugs. Carboys and jugs are made from either food grade plastic or glass. Since carboys and jugs are made from impermeable material, your beer will remain fresh even if it is already in the secondary fermentation process. (continue reading below)
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Plastic carboys are less expensive than glass so they are preferred by novice home brewers. Moreover, they are also safer to handle as they are not fragile. Glass carboy and jugs, on the other hand, are also great as it allows you to see what is going on inside the fermenter. Understanding what is going on inside the fermenter removes the guesswork during the fermentation process. They are also aesthetically pleasing to look at plus, they are easier to clean compared with plastic carboys and jugs.

Whether you opt for glass or plastic carboys and jugs, there are many benefits to using them to ferment your beer and one of them is that you reduce the introduction of contaminant in your beer that can affect the fermentation process as well as the final flavour of the beer. Moreover, carboys also have smaller capacities than other types of fermenters and its small headspace also reduces the risk of oxidation during the conditioning phase. The tapered neck also allows you to install an airlock so that you can keep an air-tight environment inside the vessel.

Carboys and jugs are very simple fermentation vessels and they are perfect choices for people who are still new to brewing beer.