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Chocolate Malt - Dingemans (1 lb)
Dingemans' Chocolate Malt
Dingemans' Chocolate Malt is made from 6-Row Winter Barley. It is rigorously roasted at high temperatures and cooled rapidly to create a very dark colour. Adds deep colour and a roasted character to your brew. Great for Dark Special Beers, Double Abbey Beer, Stouts, Dark Ales, and Bock Beers.
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Chocolate Malt - Dingemans (1 lb)

An indispensable ingredient to any Stout or Porter, Dingemans Chocolate malt is what makes these beers so dark and roasty. Kilned at a very high temperature and rapidly cooled afterwards, Chocolate malt is characterized by a very dark colour and pronounced roasted, burnt character, which is essential for dark beer styles. With a colour of 900 EBC, this malt should be used sparingly for colour correction in lighter beers, and even in dark beers it constitutes not more than 5% of the grist as the burnt flavour and aroma can be overpowering.

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