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These Premium Craft Cider Kits from Brewer's Best have the basics needed to make a six-gallon batch of cider packed full of flavour. Ciders are a perfect choice, whether you're looking for an ice-cold refreshing drink during the hot summer months or looking to warm up during the colder autumn and winter nights.

Note: All Cider House Select Kits require the addition of 2 pounds of corn sugar to reach their full alcohol potential, and we have included a link to the full instructions on each cider kit page. Make sure to look over the instructions to ensure that you have all of the recommended brew day equipment for your cider kit, as well as everything you may need on bottling day.

New to OBK is the Hand Crafted Cider Kit. These cider kits also require the addition of 1kg (2.2lb) of Dextrose (Corn Sugar), and they also make 23 litres of delicious cider and in various fruit flavours.

No longer is cider only available in apple; you can now bottle or keg cider in other fruits' flavour too! What flavour will you choose?

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