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Options for Cobra Tap Kits

Single Tap through Nine Tap Systems Available. Multi-Tap Kits include Gas Manifolds to split off CO2 to multiple kegs.

Kegs. New, used or no keg? Already have the kegs, then select your kit and you're all set. All used kegs are re-conditioned and checked for pressure before shipping to ensure your keg is in working order for your kit. Brand new kegs are right out of the box, NSF Approved and have all certifications for beverage use.

CO2 Tank. Optional 5 lb or 10 lb tank. 5 lb CO2 tanks push approximately 40 gallons (150 L) of beer. This number will be less if you plan to carbonate with your CO2 tank also. These are only estimates, consumption of CO2 will come down to preference of carbonation levels for serving. CO2 tanks only ship empty (by law), to find places to fill your tank locally check the yellow pages for weld supply or fire safety stores.

Ship with Dual Gauge Regulator & Manifold or Swap Out for Dual Product Regulator. This option is available on multi-tap kits. Dual Gauge is popular for general use. If you are specifically looking to serve at separate pressures between styles of beer, you may be interested in the Dual Product.
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What Is A Kegerator/Keezer And What Equipment Do I Need To Build One?

A kegerator or keezer is a special type of refrigerator or freezer that is designed to store and dispense beer from kegs. The components of a kegerator (depending on the type your choose) include a stainless-steel keg, a CO2 cylinder, pressure regulator, keg coupler, beer and airline, tower and taps, shank and drip tray. Simply put, it is a keg and a refrigerator combined. This is a great investment for many home brewers as it is a great way of keeping your beer carbonated and fresh for a long time. (Keep Reading)