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Home Brewing Equipment Kit #9 - Ultimate 10 Gallon All-Grain Complete Cooler, Burner & Kegging Kit
Complete All Grain Beginner Home Brewing Equipment Kit Canada
Our complete Home Brewing Equipment Kit for full boil 10 Gallon batches of all-grain beer. Features the 16 Gallon Stainless Steel Advanced Brew Kettle fitted with 2" Probe Thermometer and 3 Piece Ball Valve. Full boil improves the quality of your beer. The size of brew pot reduces the chance of boil-overs and with the built-in ball valve it eliminates the need for lifting and pouring. With the addition of a 210,000 BTU KAB6 Bayou Classic Burner, this makes for an ideal kit for outdoor brewing.

For use with simultaneously brewing two of our 5 Gallon All-Grain Recipe Kits. This kit has all the necessary equipment to brew a successful batch of beer.

All-grain beer has far greater control over flavours and body than brewing extract. With your converted cooler mash tun, simply soak the grains for one hour and hold at your desired mash temperature. Drain your mash-tun with provided tubing in your brew kettle, add more water to your mash for a sparge, and drain a second time into your brew pot until you've reached your starting pre-boil level of wort. You can now begin the boil and continue on with your typical brew day as you would with an extract brew.

When it comes time for packaging your beer, you'll be all set with our kegging set-up. All you need is the fridge to store your kegs. Homebrew will be dispensed through the picnic taps in the kit. Save the hassle and headaches of bottling and skip straight to pouring draft beer at home!

FREE Every Drop Dip Tube accessory, a $15 value added free to every welded kettle! The Every Drop Dip Tube is designed to thread onto the interior side of the ball valve coupler. When installed the angle can be easily adjusted to help pick up every last drop from your kettle. Make the most out of your kettle with this FREE accessory!


Price with Selected Options: $1,169.99

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Dual Product Regulator (Poly Bonnet)
Dual Product Regulator (Zinc Bonnet) [Add $10.00]
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Ultimate 10 Gallon All-Grain Complete Cooler, Burner & Kegging Kit

  • Two 6.5 Gallon OBK Food-Grade Plastic Buckets (for Fermenting)
  • Two Bucket Lids with Hole
  • Two Airlocks (3-Piece)
  • Two Rubber Stoppers with Hole
  • Pocket Digital Thermometer
  • Hydrometer
  • Hydrometer Jar
  • Auto Siphon
  • 6ft Siphon Tubing
  • 16 Gallon Stainless Steel Advanced Brew Kettle fitted with 2" Probe Thermometer & 3 Piece Ball Valve
  • Jumbo Immersion Wort Chiller (50' x 3/8" with Vinyl Tubing) May differ from picture
  • 11.7 gallon Mash King Cooler Mash Tun with Bazooka Screen & 2 Piece Ball Valve
  • 4' of 1/2" Silicone Hose
  • Powdered Brewery Wash (1 lb)
  • StarSan (4 oz)
  • 5lb CO2 Tank (Ships Empty)
  • Taprite Dual Product Regulator Optional Zinc Bonnet upgrade
  • Two Gas Tubing Assemblies with Ball Lock Disconnects
  • Two Picnic Faucet Assembly with Ball Lock Disconnects
  • Two New 5 Gallon AMCYL Cornelius Ball Lock Keg
  • 210,000 BTU KAB6 Bayou Classic Outdoor Burner