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Conical Lids

Do I Need A Lid for My Conicals?

In the past, conicals were not used by homebrewers as only commercial-grade ones were available. Recently, many companies that cater to home brewers have released smaller and affordable conicals so that homebrewers can also take advantage of these professional fermenters. Conicals are made from Stainless Steel making them durable and easy to clean.

Conicals are preferred by many seasoned homebrewers because aside from being able to maximize the fermentation process of the brew, it also allows easy transfer of the wort without the need to siphon it. You can also apply CO2 pressure to force the beer out from the bottom for easy transfer. (continue reading below)
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But what if your conical lids get damaged through time due to accidental falls? Should you just use your conicals without a proper lid? Fermentation should occur in an anaerobic environment, although it can also occur in slightly aerobic conditions, or with the presence of Oxygen. However, the presence of too much Oxygen increases the amounts of diacetyl that can affect the final flavour of the beer plus it increases the chances of spoilage.

It is for this reason that it is imperative your conicals are paired with a proper lid to commence and optimize fermentation so that you get a beer with great taste and flavour. If you see dents in your conical lid, then make sure that you replace it with a new one.

When you are choosing a new lid for your conical, make sure that you opt for those that will have a snug fit over the conical opening. To find out if the conical lid is appropriate for your fermenter, make sure that you know the gallon capacity of your fermenter as fermenters follow a standard design, so you match the lid with the gallon capacity of your conical.