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Have you ever thought to ask what is a conical?

In brewing, a conical usually refers to a cone shaped fermenter, however unitanks and brite tanks may also fall under this category. Also called a cylindroconical fermenter, this equipment is a smaller version of what commercial brewers use. As a scaled-down version of a unitank, conicals allow primary fermentation as well as conditioning at the same time.

Unlike flat-bottomed fermenters, conical fermenters come with a port at the bottom of the cone that is used to dump the yeast and other sediments that have settled at the bottom of the container. Conical fermenters also come with a port found above the cone that allows home brewers to draw samples of their beer for testing and tasting. This port also makes the transferring of beer to another container very easy.

The main advantage of a conical fermenter is that they aid in separating the yeast from the beer, making cleanup very easy. Most conical fermenters are made from stainless steel which is an inert material that does not influence the flavour or colour of the final product. (more info below)
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Are you a serious home brewers looking to upgrade your equipment? If so you should consider putting a stainless steel conical fermenter on your wish list. These fermenters may be a bit more expensive than your normal homebrew purchases, but look at the pluses. They can perform the task of 2,3,4 or more pieces of equipment in your brew house, and think of the bragging rights you will have among your fellow brewers.

Here at Ontario Beer Kegs we have several conical fermenters that fit a wide variety of preference and budget. We carry a huge selection of conicals for the casual homebrewer, someone looking to start a nanobrewery, right up to the business owner looking to replace or add to his craft brewery establishment. We also provide accessories that you can use to replace old and worn parts of your conical. These accessories include digital temperature displays, gaskets, and O-ring replacements.

Get the ultimate upgrade in your home brewing station with one of our conicals. Our functional tanks will make your brewing station the source of envy among your other home brewing friends.

Questions about which conical is right for your space and brewing habits, Contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.