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Danstar London ESB Dry Ale Yeast (11 g)
Danstar London ESB Dry Ale Yeast
Danstar London ESB Dry Ale Yeast is a true English strain that has been selected for its reliable fermentation performance and moderate ester production that allows the various malt and hop flavours to surface. This yeast helps produce a range of delicious English-style ales featuring a clean, well-balanced aroma. The fermentation and aromatic profiles are suitable for producing Pale Ales, Bitter styles, and other traditional English beers. London ESB is best used at a fermentation temperature range between 18-22°C. Fermentation usually takes 3-5 days depending on the recipe and conditions.

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Danstar London ESB Dry Ale Yeast

  • Attenuation Range 65-75%

  • Storage < 10° C (50° F)

  • GMO and Gluten Free

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