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Double IPA (5.25 US Gal) Extract Kit with Specialty Grains
Double IPA (5.25 gal) Extract Kit
Purchasing your beer kits online is a great way to get started making beer at home. This malt extract recipe kit has been designed and packaged for the intermediate brewer as it does contain specialty grains in addition to the LME, yeast and 2 varieties of hops (added at different times of the boil).

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Yeast Option

US-05 Dry Ale Yeast [Add $3.99]
White Labs WLP001 California Ale Yeast [Add $8.99]


Double IPA (5.25 US Gal) Extract Kit with Specialty Grains

This online home made beer kit makes an intensely hoppy, bitter, strong pale ale without the big maltiness or deeper malt flavours of an American Barleywine. Hop flavour is strong and complex using American finishing hops. High amount of hop bitterness with minimal malt backbone getting in the way, though very slight caramel and toasty flavours come through to support the hops flavour. Pine, resinous, grapefruit, citrus, tropical and fruity are all notes provided by the American hops.

Est. ABV: 8.5% | Est. IBU: 89 | Recipe & Instructions

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Priming Sugar Muslin Steeping Straining Bag for Homebrewing Imperial Milk Stout Homebrew beer recipe kit. Extract of malt, lactose, hops and yeast are all the beer ingredients included in this kit. Also comes with homebrewing instructions on how to homebrew to get you through making beer at home. Home made beer.