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When homebrewing you may be moving liquid from one container to another, many times throughout the brewing process. Moving liquid manually can be a back-breaking task, especially if you are making large batches of beer, so it is more convenient to use tubing.

Homebrewers should become familiar with the different types of tubing that they can use in order to transfer their beer. Tubing comes in different sizes as well as varieties. Moreover, hoses are also made from different types of materials, such as silicone, vinyl & polyethylene. When using any tubing for transferring hot liquids you should always check first to see what the maximum temperature rating.

You must also remember that if you plan on kegging your homebrew, you will also need to purchase food-grade tubing to use as your beverage lines, plus you will need hoses for your gas supply. (more info below)
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Tube Cutter Tubing Cutter
Price: $17.49
Regularly clean the hoses on your kegging system so that they are free from bacterial contamination. Keeping the keg lines and hoses free from bacterial contamination maximizes the flavour of the beer. Cleaning the hoses is very easy and all it takes is to remove your hoses from the disconnect (at the keg) and from your manifold and tap. Run water through the hoses or better yet, choose to use a food-safe cleaning product (of which we have several).