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Draft Tap Handles

There are many benefits when considering kegging your beer. Aside from saving time, it also reduces the oxidation process of the beer, thus it lasts longer and tastes fresher for a longer period of time. Kegging also lets you monitor the carbonation process so you end up having constantly delicious batches at all times. Lastly, it is fun to see draft beer dispensed from the faucet.

Personalizing your kegerator or bar top draft beer tower using attractive faucets and tap handles is a unique way of presenting your kegged beer. The beer tap handle allows you to open as well as close the beer faucet. There are different styles of taps handles and using different shapes and colours to identify your brew is beneficial. Use different colours for ales and lagers, or for the different spouts you may be using. You could even have one tap available for your homemade wine. (more info below)
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Beer tap handles are very easy to install. All there is to it is to twist the threaded handle directly to the faucet lever. Most levers also comes with a collar so that you can adjust the new tap handle to the right position. To dispense draft beer from the keg, pulling the tap handle forward allows the golden liquid to fall from the faucet, pushing it back closes it.

Here at Ontario Beer Kegs, we have a wide variety of tap handles and replacement ferrules and finials to choose from, plus we also have a handle inserts so that you can create your own taps to attach to your system. Choose from colourful, metallic, marble and even lighthouse tap handles to customize your beer tower. We have a wide selection of tap handles there is sure to be one that will suit your needs and tastes.