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Dry Malt Extract

Homebrewers have two options when it comes to malt extracts, and these include the liquid and dry malt extracts. Dry malt extracts undergo the same process as liquid malt extract. The difference? The liquid has been evaporated further from the wort during the final stages of its manufacturing.

Since dry malt extract has a moisture content of less than 3%, it has a longer shelf life than liquid malt extract. It is commonly used to make different beer styles, including light, extra light, amber, wheat, and dark. When purchasing dry malt extract, it is a good idea to try and buy an amount that you would use in a short period of time once the package is opened. This is because improper storage will leave you will a lump of hardened dry malt extract. Yes, it is possible to use that lump, and there are many techniques mentioned online on how to do so. (more info below)
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As mentioned earlier, making dry malt extract is similar to liquid malt extract except for the last process. The first step is milling, which grinds the raw grains so that it is easier to extract the sugar from the grain in the succeeding process. Once the grains have been ground up, it is then boiled at different temperatures to break down the starch, making fermentation easier. The mashing process produces the liquid wort and debris called trub. The wort is separated from the trub using various filtration methods.

Once the liquid wort is entirely free from debris and is cooled, it is dried to produce the dry malt extract. When drying the malt, several methods can be used, including spraying and vacuum drying to eliminate the moisture.

While producing liquid malt is not easy, dry malt extract is more challenging as it requires commercial dryers to remove all the moisture. It is highly improbable that you will start making dry malt extract, but you can still get your hands on some from us. At Ontario Beer Kegs, we have a wide selection of dry malt extracts, so even beginners can start making deliciously flavoured beer.