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Glass Erlenmeyer Flasks

In the past, fermentation was spontaneous so nobody really knew how the wort turned into beer. It just happened. But fast forward to 1850 when Louis Pasteur was able to show fermentation using brewer's yeast in an enclosed environment, it was then that people realized that they could create their own beer by making a yeast starter.

Making your own yeast starter culture is a worthwhile process, and may be seen as challenging as you need equipment and tools to create an ideal environment for the yeast to grow. When making your own yeast starter culture, you basically need yeast and wort. You also need to invest in simple equipment like stir plates, magnetic bars, and an Erlenmeyer flask. (more info below)
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It is important to use an Erlenmeyer flask, also called a conical flask, and no other to contain the yeast starter culture. The reason for this is that the wide base of the flask allows you to put in large amounts of liquid. It also has a large air-to-liquid surface thus helping dissolve Oxygen from the atmosphere necessary for the proliferation of yeast in the starter culture.

When making a starter culture, it is important that you always use a sterilized flask to inhibit the growth of other microorganisms (aside from yeast) in the starter culture. It is also crucial to cover but not seal the flask in order to create the ideal environment for the yeast to grow. Swirling the starter culture is necessary to re-oxygenate the suspension thus keeping the yeast alive for a longer period. Once you are done, you can use the flask as the storage container for the starter culture.

If you are looking for flasks to start growing your yeast starter culture, we have a wide variety of conical flasks that you can choose from at Ontario Beer Kegs . Choose glass Erlenmeyer flasks from 100 mL to 5000 mL depending on the volumes of yeast starter culture you plan on making.