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False Bottoms & Bazooka Screens

Once you are done boiling the grains, you will end up with a large amount of floating sediment called a grain bed. The grain bed can be a few inches or a couple of feet deep depending on the size and shape of the brew kettle, as well as how much grain was used. After the boiling process, it is crucial that the grains are removed from the wort so that the process of fermentation can commence.

During the lautering process, the grains are rinsed off to remove their sugar content. This means that the grain bed is saturated completely with water. One of the important pieces of equipment used during the lautering process is the false bottom. The false bottom is basically a manifold system that separates the clear liquid wort from the grain bed. A good false bottom should fit snuggly in your brew pot/mash tun and allow for an adequate flow of liquid, which is equivalent to one quart per minute. (more info below)

For compatibility information please refer to the False Bottom Compatibility Chart
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Aside from false bottoms, homebrewers can also use bazooka screens to filter the wort from the grain bed when transferring to another vessel. A bazooka screen works just like a false bottom, but the screen can at times become clogged with a lot of grains which may affect the flow of liquid that comes out of the ball valve/spigot. However, once you have drained the wort, any grains trapped on the surface of the bazooka screen can be easily removed by washing it with tap water.

Most lauter tuns come with their own bazooka screen or false bottom. However, if you want to customize your old brew kettle and turn it into a lauter tun, you can install a false bottom or a bazooka screen at the base. Here at Ontario Beer Kegs, we have a wide selection of false bottoms and bazooka screens. Our online store carries brands like Blichmann, Anvil, Grain Defender and Ss Brewtech. Our wide selection of bazooka screens, false bottoms, kits and assemblies will allow any home brewer to customize their lauter tuns depending on their needs and brewing requirements.