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FermFast Rum Turbo Yeast (107.5 g)
FermFast Rum Turbo Yeast (107.5 g)
FermFast Rum Turbo Yeast when used with a combination of sugar and molasses ferments up to 15% ABV.

For best results use a 50:50 ratio of molasses and sugar, alternatively 100% sugar can be used. Ensures a rapid and reliable fermentation thanks to a complete nutrient complex.

Contains glucoamylase enzyme which helps to maximize yield by converting any dextrins into fermentable sugars.
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FermFast Rum Turbo Yeast (UREA FREE)

  • Ferments up to 15% ABV
  • Best Results achieved with 50:50 ratio (molasses and sugar)
  • 100% Sugar can be used

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