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Getting to Know Fermentasaurus

There are many reliable brands of conical fermenters that are available. Most conical fermenters can be expensive and if you are still testing the waters on whether or not you should build your own complete home brewery, then you can try Fermentasaurus.

Dubbed as the world’s very first conical PET fermenter, the Fermentasaurus is made from durable industrial plastic that can be pressurized of up to 2.4 BAR working pressure. Since it is made from durable transparent PET, it allows you to see what is going on inside–even the yeast in action.

Fermentasaurus does not only allow you to ferment, but you can also use this vessel to clarify and carbonate your beer. You can clarify the beer without racking the liquid to another vessel as it comes with a yeast harvesting container so that you don’t have to siphon the liquid to another container just so you can save the yeast for your future brewing projects. (continue reading below)
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Another nifty feature of the Fermentasaurus is that it can withstand higher pressure so you can carbonate your beer naturally. You don’t need to transfer them to kegs or bottles. Since you can do many things with the Fermentasaurus, it reduces the rate of oxidation of the beer thus you retain a pure flavour.

What is more interesting with the Fermentasaurus is that its revolutionary design allows you to dispense your beer directly to the tap thus omitting the need to carbonate the beer in bottles or kegs. This means that you can drink your beer directly from the Fermentasaurus. How cool is that?

The Fermentasaurus is available in a kit that you can assemble by yourself. If you want to use the Fermentasaurus to its fullest, make sure that you also invest in some of its accessories. You may also want to invest in some replacement parts so that you can continue using this fermenter even if some of the parts become damaged or lost.