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Finest Maris Otter Malt - Simpsons (1 lb)
Finest Maris Otter Malt - Simpsons (1 lb)
Finest Maris Otter Pale Ale malt is always an excellent choice for base malt no matter what beer you’re brewing. Made from the excellent British barley variety that is known for its low nitrogen content and excellent brewhouse efficiency, Maris Otter delivers a very delicate and versatile flavour that can be employed in various beer styles.
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Finest Maris Otter Malt - Simpsons (1 lb)

When used in 100% of the grain bill it imparts a delicate, slightly nutty flavour and pleasant golden colour, whereas its high diastatic power allows using all kinds of adjuncts and specialty malts for expanding the flavour profile of the beer. As a result, Finest Maris Otter can be used for brewing any type of beer, from British Pale Ale to Russian Imperial Stout.

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