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Flaked Oats - OiO (1 lb)
Flaked Oats -- Used for a full bodied flavour and a creamy / silky texture. Can be used up to 30% of grist total. Typically used in oatmeal stouts. OntarioBeerKegs Homebrewing Ingredients and Supplies Canada
Flaked Oats deliver a very pleasant creamy texture, pleasant mouthfeel, and a mild grainy flavour to the beer. A very common ingredient in British Ales, especially in Stouts, Flaked Oats can be used in a broad range of beer styles with excellent results.

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Flaked Oats - OiO (1 lb)

If you want to add some body and mouthfeel to your beer, Flaked Oats will be an excellent choice for your grain bill. The most common form of oats used in brewing, these flakes are heat-treated, which allows adding them directly into the mash, with most recipes using up to 30% from the total grist.