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American IPA Gluten Free Extract Kit (5.25 US Gal)
A decidedly bitter and hoppy, moderately strength pale ale. Aroma is a prominent citrus, resinous pine aroma with some sweetness coming through. Flavour is intense hop flavours from American hops, citrus, fruity, grapefruit and pine. Excellent bitterness.

Est. ABV: 6.7% | Est. IBU: 77 | Recipe & Instructions
American Pale Ale Gluten Free Extract Kit (5.25 US Gal)
A refreshing gluten free ale with a clean balance of hoppy flavours, strong aromas of citrus and grapefruit. Flavour is the same citrus and grapefruit and a underlying subtle sweetness from the candi sugar. Caramel flavour is restrained, just enough to let the hops shine through.

Est. ABV: 5% | Est. IBU: 40 | Recipe & Instructions
Belgian Blond Ale Gluten Free Extract Kit (5.25 US Gal)
A moderate-strength golden ale that has a subtle Belgian complexity, slightly sweet flavour, and dry finish. Flavour is smooth and light initially, comparative to a Pilsner, but finishes dry with some medium hop floral and earthy flavours. Some soft yeast character will be present as well, esters produced are orange/lemon-like. Aromas are much of the same classic Belgian floral, fruity esters.

Est. ABV: 5% | Est. IBU: 21 | Recipe & Instructions
Belgian Tripel Gluten Free Extract Kit (5.25 US Gal)
A strong ale that is complex with moderate spiciness, fruity esters and mild hop aromas. Notes of pepper, clove, citrus, and floral. Alcohols are soft and spicy. Character is light but just enough to display the hop and yeast combination of flavour. Medium bitterness and gluten free.

Est. ABV: 9% | Est. IBU: 32 | Recipe & Instructions
Double IPA Gluten Free Extract Kit (5.25 US Gal)
An intensely hoppy, bitter, strong pale gluten free ale. Hop flavour is strong and complex using American finishing hops. High amount of hop bitterness. Pine, resinous, grapefruit, citrus, tropical and fruity are all notes provided by the American hops.

Est. ABV: 9% | Est. IBU: 105 | Recipe & Instructions
Light Ale Gluten-Free Extract Kit (5.25 US Gal)
The simplest of all the ales. When you just want something to drink without having to think about it. A "lawnmower" beer. Great for summer after doing yard work. Subtle flavours, dry, refreshing and quenching. A great beginner Gluten Free beer, excellent for exploring the flavours of a sorghum based extract kit.

Est. ABV: 4% | Est. IBU: 21 | Recipe & Instructions
Session IPA Gluten Free Extract Kit (5.25 US Gal)
Featuring Cascade, Centennial & Simcoe flavour and aroma hops this Session IPA (or India Session Ale) is a lower ABV IPA, but with all of the hop goodness. The style is balanced for optimal aromatics, full-on hop flavour, a clean finish and of course gluten free!

Est. ABV: 4.4% | Est. IBU: 50 | Recipe & Instructions
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