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Homebrew Kegerator Conversion Kits

What kegerator conversion kit suits your needs?

Have you ever dreamed of having a kegerator, but it just wasn't within your budget? Were you aware that you could very quickly and inexpensively build your kegerator? Please take a look at the different keg conversion kits we have to offer. So now the question is ...What kegerator kit do you need?

We have many different options for building your kegerator (or a wall mount or countertop bar), and below we have given a brief explanation of kegerator kits that we carry. Depending on the amount of room you have, the size of the fridge or freezer you plan on using, we have set-ups that will let you dispense from 1 to 9 kegs. We also offer set-ups so that you can use your Sanke keg.

Ball Lock or Pin Lock: Cornelius kegs were used in Pepsi's soda industry (Ball Lock) and Coke (Pin Lock). Today they are used by homebrewers to store and dispense draft beer. All kegs included in OBKeg Kits are pressure tested. The re-conditioned ball lock kegs in these kegerator kits have a manual pressure relief valve as an additional feature. Pin Lock kegs are in used condition, which will require a good cleaning before use. While having no relief valve, pressure can still be relieved by pressing a pointed object onto the gas post center. Pin Locks will benefit from cost savings, whereas Ball Locks will get you some additional features. The choice is yours.

Cobra Tap: Features a plastic picnic faucet for simplicity. No other installation is required. All you need is a fridge to keep your keg and lines cold. Open the fridge door and pour a beer.

Pass-Through: Drill a 1" hole through a fridge door, freezer or wall and pass the shank through. Using a pass-through, you can mount a faucet on anything you can think of to make a beer dispenser.

Beer Tower: Giving your home bar the look and feel of a pub. Drill a 1" hole through the top of the fridge holding your keg, and run the lines up through. Mounting hardware makes installation easy.

Portable / Soda Stream: Portable kits for when you need to take your brew on the go; tailgates, bbq, picnics. We have the solution. In this section, you will also find a kit for those who want to carbonate water, soda or other drinks.

Shop with confidence! Ontariobeerkegs is an authorized dealer of the parts we sell. Our parts are almost all USA or German made. This provides a better, safer, reliable product with the best quality parts in Canada.
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As you can see, if you are looking for soda or beer keg conversion kits, Ontario Beer Kegs has put together an impressive line-up of homebrew kegerator kits for you to choose from depending on your needs. Still not sure what homebrew kegerator kits will work best for you - contact our customer service for assistance.