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Stainless Steel Homebrew Pots and Kettles

Not sure what brew pot is right for you? We have a compiled a Full Kettle Comparison Chart so that you may make an informed decision. Should you still have questions please contact us and we will help you to select the correct homebrew pot for your needs.

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19 Gallon Stainless Steel Brew Kettle OntarioBeerKegs 19 Gallon Stainless Steel Brew Pot
Price: 189.99
Sale Price: 169.99
This pot can hold up to 42 Quarts or 10.5 gallons and comes with a perforated basket that's ideal for steaming or frying. The basket sits 3.25" above the bottom for steaming and detaches for boiling. The lid is vented for even cooking. Can be used indoors Bayou 42 Qt. Stock Pot
Price: 95.99
Sale Price: 90.99
Bazooka Screen (12")
Price: 8.99
Sale Price: 7.99
Brew in a Basket - 16 Gallon Base Kit Brew in a Basket - 16 Gallon Base Kit
Price: 319.98
Sale Price: 279.99
Brew in a Basket - Base Kit Brew in a Basket - 8 Gallon Base Kit
Price: 259.98
Sale Price: 229.98
Silicone Hose (1/2" ID, 3/4" OD) Silicone Hose 1/2" (per foot)
Price: 2.49
Sale Price: 2.19
Silicone Hose (3/8"). Silicone Hose 3/8" (per foot)
Price: 2.29
Sale Price: 1.99