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While OntarioBeerKegs.com is known primarily as the Canadian go-to online retailer for beer-making equipment and supplies, we are fast becoming known for our online homemade wine supplies - kits, ingredients and bottling supplies too! You will find everything you need to start making, bottling and dispensing homemade wine or cider within these pages.

Do you want to keep it simple and still have a delicious wine to enjoy? We have wine ingredient kits in a variety of flavours, sizes and the amount of time it takes to produce, as well as an equipment starter kit (which includes all the winemaking equipment you need). For those who would like to be more creative, we also sell the necessary ingredients, equipment and hardware to make your wine from other recipes.

When the time comes to bottle your homemade wine, we have corks, sealing wax beads and corkers. We also have wine towers to dispense your wine should you decide not to bottle or bag it.

We also stock champagne stoppers and wire cages.
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Handy Corker Handy Corker
Price: $15.49
Tartaric Acid (2 oz) Tartaric Acid (2 oz)
Sale Price: $2.79