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With many home brewers opting to store then dispense their beer from kegs, companies that manufacture draft beer systems are also developing new designs of faucets to improve the experience of home brewers. One of the popular faucets that home brewers use is Intertap faucets.

Intertap faucets are forward-sealing faucets that are made from durable food-grade stainless steel. Compared to conventional rear-sealing faucets that require the entire faucet to drain the beer, Intertap faucets keep beer in, so the inside does not get sticky over time. This also makes it easier for home brewers to clean the faucet. Moreover, this also reduces the risk of the off flavour from the sticky liquid within the tap getting transferred to the newly poured beer. With Intertap faucets, you dispense fresh and crisp beer at all times. (continue reading below)
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Instead, of using a floating o-ring for sealing they use a sliding shuttle that guides the o-rings into perfect position all the time. This ensures that the faucet is perfectly sealed and does not allow air to enter, which in turn can affect the final flavour of the beer.

Intertap faucets also feature a modular and threaded spout that can fit different types of attachments, such as a stout spout and growler filler. This means that you can easily fill a pint or several bottles in no time at all, directly from your faucet. The Intertap faucets are considered one of the most versatile of all beer faucets because of the removable spout that allows you to convert the faucet into much more. Since you can use it as a stout spout, you don’t need to get the specialty European stout faucet with the Intertap faucet. When purchasing attachments for your Intertap faucet make sure that they are indeed compatible with the Intertap brand.