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Keg Master Series 4 Kegerator Dual Tower Kit (Sanke "S" Couplers)
KegMaster Series 4 Kegerator Dual Tower Kit (Sanke "S" Couplers)
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Introducing the all new Keg Master Series 4 Kegerator Dual Tower Kit!

For the first time OBK is offering kegerator kits that come fully equipped. These kegerator units use commercial quality well known dispensing equipment that other kegerators can't hope to match.

It is fully upgradable so you can choose your faucets, tower, regulator, and co2 tank right from the start! Save money and get what you want right away without having to retrofit a standard kegerator kit to fit your needs.

All of our Kegerators come equipped with a high quality Taprite regulator as well as CM Becker disconnects.

This kit comes will all required equipment to attach 2 Sanke "S" kegs. Kegs are NOT included.

Kegerator Fridge Features:
  • New and improved Font Fan
  • New Circuit Boards with temperature control, calibration, and on-board memory functions
  • Sturdy guard rail system
  • Increased compressor power while being approximately 20% more electrically efficient
  • Improved drip tray & rear cylinder bracket holder
  • Glass holder and wire shelf

*New (Empty) Luxfer Aluminum CO2 Tank is Optional

Please Note:
  • Due to the customizable nature of this Kegerator assembly is required.
  • We will contact you regarding shipping.
  • The Taprite S.S Beer Tower - Double Faucet (upgrade) comes with Wing Nut Connectors attached to the beer lines. They will need to be removed prior to use with any disconnects.

Price: $849.99

Price with Selected Options: $849.99

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours

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Keg Master Series 4 Kegerator Dual Tower Kit (Sanke "S" Couplers)

Kit Includes:
  • Keg Master Series 4 Kegerator Kit
  • Co2 Tank Holder (Maximum of 5lb Co2 Tank)
  • Taprite Primary CO2 Regulator (Poly Bonnet, 60PSI & 2000PSI) [T742HP-02]
  • 6' of Bevlex 200 Beer Line (Thick wall 3/16" ID x 7/16" OD) for each tap
  • 4' of Ultraflex Gas Tubing (5/16" ID x 9/16" OD) for each gas connection
  • Sanke "S" Couplers
  • Stainless Steel Swivel Nuts (1/4" Barb for Beverage, 5/16" Barb for Gas)
  • Stainless Steel Dual Tap Beer Tower with Mounting Hardware (OPTIONAL Upgrade)
  • Chrome Plated Faucets with Tap Handles (OPTIONAL Upgrade)
  • Commercial Grade 2 Way Gas Distributor (Manifold)
  • 1/4" MFL to 1/4" MFL Cooler wall Bulkhead Adapter - 4" Long
  • Stainless Steel Hose Clamps

Exterior Dimensions:
  • Depth (with Co2 Holder): 31 1/4"
  • Depth (no Co2 Holder): 25"
  • Width: 24"
  • Height (no Wheels, Tower, or Rails): 32 1/2"
  • Height (with Tower): 47 3/4"

Interior Dimensions:
  • Height: 28 3/8"
  • Width: 20 1/2
  • Depth: 16 1/4"
  • Depth (Minus Bottom Step): 13 1/4"
To put together your Kegerator unit simple follow these steps:

Exterior Installation Instructions:

  • Remove the black cap at the top of the fridge and secure your tower to the fridge allowing the beverage lines to go into the fridge.
  • Go to the rear of the fridge and remove the black cap.
  • Find the Co2 bulkhead adapter and install it into the open hole (the inside of the fridge is a tight fit so you may need to remove the font fan prior to installing the bulkhead adapter).
  • Once installed take one of the gas lines and put the included clamp on the hose and insert one of the 5/16" swivel nuts into the tubing. Tighten the clamp to secure the swivel nut.
  • Take the two gas lines from the prior step and attach it to the exterior portion of the Co2 bulkhead (make sure to have a flared washer between the swivel nut and Co2 bulkhead).
Interior Installation Instructions:
  • With the exterior portion complete now it is time to install the interior hardware/equipment
  • Grab one of the other gas lines and put the included clamp on the hose and attach it to the 'inlet' barbed portion of the manifold. Tighten the clamp.
  • Using the prior gas line attach the opposite end to the interior portion of the Co2 bulkhead (make sure to have a flared washer between the swivel nut and Co2 bulkhead). Please Note: This step can be tricky, it is recommended that you remove the font (fan to make this step easier.
  • Once installed take the 8' ultraflex tubing and cut it into two segments. Use the included hose clamps (one for each gas line) to attach the tubing to the 'outlet' barbed portions of the manifold. Tighten the clamps.
  • Open the two tail piece assembly kits and attach one to each of the Sanke couplers.
  • Take the attached gas lines and put one of each of the hose clamps on them. With the clamps in place take the Sanke couplers and insert the front barb into the gas line. Tighten the clamps.
  • Take the two beverage lines and put one of the included hose clamps on each of them and insert the top barb of the Sanke coupler into the beverage lines. Tighten the clamps.
Co2 Installation Instructions:
  • Take the Co2 tank holder and hang it on the exterior hanging pegs at the back of the fridge and set your Co2 tank onto it. Secure in place with the included strap.
  • Attach your Taprite regulator to the Co2 tank and attach the hanging gas line to it using the flared washer found in the Taprite box.
  • With that last step you are done and ready to dispense!

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