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Lemondrop Hop Pellets (1 lb)
Lemondrop Hop Pellets 1 LB
The Lemondrop hop pellets provide a distinct lemon and citrus aroma while providing fruit and herbal notes to your beer. It is great for late hop additions. It is recommended that this hop is used to make IPAs, Pale Ales, and Saisons in order to take full advantage of this hop.

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Lemondrop Hop Pellets 1 LB

  • Provides lemony-citrus aroma with fruity and herbal notes to the finished brew.
  • Contains low alpha acids at 5.2% and beta acids at 4.0% to 6%.
  • It also features lower levels of Cohumulone at 28% to 34%.
  • Suitable for making IPAs, Pale Ales, and Saisons.

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