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Micro Matic Stainless Steel Wine Tower - Triple Faucet [DS-133-PSS-W]
Micromatic Stainless Steel Triple Faucet Wine Tower [DS-133-PSS-W]
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The American made Micro Matic Triple Faucet WineTower. Features a 3" column that is the perfect beer dispensing option for your home or business kegerator.

These towers are all 304 stainless steel making them ideal for wine, cider, or beer dispensing. Fully integrated Gen-X tubing lines run 4' from the wine faucets.

Unique to Micro Matic beer towers is the fully integrated 'Anti-Rotation Flats'. These flats ensure that the faucet and shank portion stay securely in place eliminating the annoyance of loose faucet shanks.

By having your faucets secure you are able to pour will ease without having to worry about adjusting your tower shank if/when it becomes loose.

No longer worry about possible kinks in your beer line thanks to this ingenious and simple improvement that is found in all Micro Matic beer towers.
Price: $974.99

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Micromatic Stainless Steel Triple Faucet Wine Tower [DS-133-PSS-W]

  • Commercial Grade: This beer tower is approved for commercial use and will connect to all standard keg couplers.
  • Durable: This sturdy beer tower is constructed from reliable polished stainless steel.
  • NSF Approved
  • Connects to: All standard keg couplers
  • Integrated Anti-Rotating Flats: Faucets will stay in place and will not rotate. Eliminates the possibility of kinks in the beer lines.
  • Gen-X Tubing Lines: Comes with three already installed 4' lines.
  • Fully 304 stainless steel: Everything on this tower is made out of 304 stainless steel including the shank, faucets, and tower.
  • High-quality Micro Matic 304 stainless steel side pull wine faucets x 3
  • 4' of 1/4" ID Gen-X tubing per beer line
  • High quality polished 304 stainless steel triple faucet beer tower x 1
  • Hex nut and tail pieces for each beer line
  • Mounting gasket and hardware

  • Outer Faucets Height - 10 1/2"
  • Center Faucet Height - 11 3/4"
  • Column Diameter - 3"

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