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Oak Sticks - American Medium Toast (2 Pack)
2 Pack of American Oak Sticks, Medium Toasted
Measuring 15" in height and approximately 3/8" x 3/8" in length/width designed for optimal extraction. The size of the sticks are an easy fit through the mouth of a glass or plastic carboy. Extraction times are similar to that of oak in cube form (approximately 2-3 months contact time). Medium toast sticks can bring an aromatic sweetness, a roasty campfire attribute and a nice mouthfeel. Replicate barrel flavours such as vanilla, caramelized oak, and a light fruity note. Longer extraction time will lead to a more complex and smooth combination of flavours and aromatics. Medium toasted oak is suitable for stouts, porters, barleywine, sour beers, strong dark belgian ales, etc.
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Oak Sticks - American Medium Toast (2 Pack)

Recommended use is 1 to 2 sticks per 5 gallons of beer or wine.

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