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A Revolutionary Faucet for Your Draft Beer System

Beer faucets are integral part of a draft beer system. It is where the precious golden liquid flows through so that you can finally taste it. Beer faucets are usually made from metals like stainless steel, brass and chrome. Standard faucets will work all types of beer except , however you may need special spouts for certain types of brew.

There are different brands of beer faucet at your disposal so make sure that that you consider each one carefully before purchasing. When selecting a faucet you may want to consider one with a flow control which will allow you to control the flow of your brew are you are dispensing. (continue reading below)
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There are many reliable brands of beer faucets that are available in the market but if you are looking for those that come with impeccable design and quality, then you can try Perlick faucets. Perlick faucets are made from 304 food-grade stainless steel so they are not only durable but they also come with expensive quality that you will not get from beer faucets made from chrome or glass.

What makes Perlick faucets revolutionary is that they come with a patented forward sealing design wherein the floating front seal prevents the beer from being exposed to air. As a result, you retain the full flavour and body of the beer. Moreover, beer inside the keg is protected against oxidation that can affect the flavour of your beer over time. Perlick faucets have minimal internal parts thus making them very reliable and less prone to wear and tear.