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Plate Wort Chillers

Brewing beer has a lot of processes. While some processes are complex, others are simple; but just because they are [simple] does not mean that they are unnecessary. One of these simple yet crucial steps is wort cooling. After the boiling process, the wort needs to be cool enough (between 68 °F and 72 °F ) so that the yeast can survive and carry out the fermentation process. Aside from the survival of the yeast, wort cooling also produces the formation of solid haze called cold break which is eliminated with proper cooling of the liquid. Moreover, wort cooling also slows down the production of dimethyl sulfide that creates off-flavours in the final product that is reminiscent to the smell of corn.

There are different ways to cool the wort and while many home brewers opt for the ice water bath, this process can be time consuming and labourious. If you are considering an upgrade for your home brewing station, getting a wort chiller plate is a great idea. (more info below)
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A plate chiller looks like a small rectangular box with 2 openings at either end (or in some case on the front and back). Inside the box, you will see a lot of metal plates stacked on top of one another where hot liquid flows through one end and comes out of the other end as cool liquid. The chilling happens due to cold water also running through the chiller (normally running in the opposite direction). The benefit of using a wort chiller plate is that it automates the entire wort cooling process so that you can do other things.

Here at Ontario Beer Kegs, we have wide variety of chiller plates that you can get for your home brewing station. Choose the one that meets your brewing needs as well as your personal preferences. We carry brands like Blichmann and Day Saver to name a few. Always remember to have and use a cleaning and sanitizing routine with your plate chiller so that you avoid the risk of contaminating your brew.