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Portable Carbonation

Many home brewers underestimate the process of carbonation. Carbonation does not merely add the hypnotic bubbles to homebrew, but the process also adds a mouthfeel depth and flavour to the finished product. It also lifts the aroma from the brew and delivers it directly to the drinker's nose. This is the reason why even sipping the foam allows you to taste the malt, hops, and anything else included in your beer. Simply put, carbonation provides the unique spark in beer.

But what is carbonation? It is the process after the carbon dioxide is dissolved within the liquid. The first carbonation occurs during the fermentation process when the yeast produces alcohol and carbon dioxide as its by-product. Aside from providing interesting flavour to the beer, carbonation is also crucial in dispensing beer on draught.(more info below)
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While the natural process of carbonation is effective in converting sugar to carbon dioxide, most homebrewers feel the need to supplement by incorporating carbon dioxide using a carbonation device.

There are many ways different ways to provide carbonation. For beers that are bottled, home brewers can opt for krausening and carbonation tablets. Carbonating in kegs is also another thing. Another method is natural keg carbonation which is not often used by home brewers.

If you are looking for a carbonation system for your home brewing system, you can opt for a portable carbonation system. Here at Ontario Beer Kegs, we have a wide variety of portable carbonation systems that will fit your brewing needs. Browse through our carbon dioxide cartridges, adapters, chargers and many other parts and accessories that you may need for your carbonation system.